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Posted on: June 22, 2008 4:43 pm

Cincinnati Reds Batting Order

I've noticed that our manger, good ol' Dusty Baker uses interesting lineup combinations. To my utter disbelief, I saw 1B Joey Votto in the leadoff spot one game. This is not a jab at Votto, whom I consider one of the team's best hitters, but Votto is not a leadoff hitter. The same goes for Jay Bruce as well. While thinking about that, I decided creating a batting order that would have the best chance of success against an opponent:

1: Brandon Phillips, 2B

2: Jay Bruce, CF

3: Jeff Keppinger, SS

4: Joey Votto, 1B

5: Adam Dunn, LF

6: Edwin Encarnacion, 3B

7: Ken Griffey Jr., RF

8: Pitcher

9: Paul Bako, C

To me, Brandon Phillips should be the leadoff hitter because of his speed and power. Instead of trying to hit for power like what he does in the 4 hole, he could concentrate more about getting on base and setting the table for the rest of the Reds lineup. Bruce would be a good #2 hitter because he doesn't hit into many double plays and would complement the righty Phillips. The #3 hitter should be the best hitter, and I think that is Jeff Keppinger for the Reds. He may not hit for power but he makes solid contact and is not an easy out. I like to think about what would happen with his RBI production if he batted there. Votto needs to get more at bats and he will if he is moved up 2-3 spots in the order. His power capability allows him to drive in the runners who bat in front of him. I like Dunn in the 5th spot because of his power and his OBP, although the strikeouts remain a problem. After having two straight lefties, Encarnacion should be the 6th hitter. Although he doesn't hit for a high BA, he has nice power. I expect that EE will still finish around .275. before it is all said and done. Ken Griffey would be a great 7th hitter and would make a tough out for a player that low in the order. I am a big proponent of having the pitcher bat 8th, so that the catcher Paul Bako could bat 9th.

Is this lineup a good one, or would somebody else like to propose an alternate lineup?

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